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5 Myths of Self Employment

Many people are afraid to let go of their current salaried status and enterprise to becoming self employed. This could be attributed to the horror stories about self employment. Below are 5 most discussed myths of self-employment busted. No. 1 Myth of Self Employment – No guaranteed income There will be no guaranteed income if [...]

Internet Marketing Tips – Overcoming Procrastination

I have seen many internet entrepreneurs who have the best idea, plan and positive energy. Everything seems to look great, I was waiting to hear good news from them. However, it did not work out in the end. I was concerned and probe further trying to find the reason. I realized most of them are [...]

25 Top Internet Entrepreneurs Forbes List March 2013

Below are the list of  that have became millionaire in a short time span and made it to the Forbes list. They have all tapped on the internet trend and made a fortune from their online businesses. How do they do it and what characteristics do they possess that makes them different from others? The [...]

Obstacles when starting an Internet Business

Starting an internet business is an exciting venture, you are ready to give in your best. It will not be a rosy road to the path of success. There will be obstacles and boulders from different sources that will distract you from your goal. Below are some pointers to take note of when starting an [...]

Advantages of Building a Business On line

Always wanted to be your own boss, build your own empire? You are ready to start on your first step then, reality sets in when you hear horror stories of failed businesses, bankruptcy and owners complaining about competition. Building a business on line, has many advantages with countless opportunities on a different platform.   Save [...]

Lifestyle of Internet Entrepreneur

An internet entrepreneur is someone who organizes and operates a business or businesses on the internet, taking on financial risk to do so. Due to the difficult start-up phase, the success rate is low. However if you do make it big in the internet world, you get to enjoy the internet entrepreneur lifestyle. Less Hassle [...]

How to be an Internet Entrepreneur

What is an Internet Entrepreneur? An Internet Entrepreneur is someone who manages an Internet based business enterprise and makes money through risk and/or initiative. Example of internet entrepreneurs are Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Ewen Chia – Autopilot Marketing, Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia and Etienne Uzac – International Business Times. The gurus mentioned above have achieved success in their own [...]

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