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Excuses for Failing in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a new revolution of marketing. Those who are successful with internet marketing can see significant rewards. In internet marketing, the difference between those who failed and succeed is that they continued to work on it until they succeed. For those who never make it, they will have plenty of excuses and their list will never end. Below are some excuses people give for failing in internet marketing.

bigstockphoto_Failed_130059I was Scammed

As internet marketing is a relatively new approach, not many people are familiar with it. After paying for softwares and courses many still are not familiar with internet marketing. Frustrated with learning without seeing results, they give up fast and call everything a scam. It is important to have a good understanding of internet marketing. If you are a beginner doing it from scratch, it will take time to see result.

Time Constrain

Everyone have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. Those who succeeded find time out of their busy schedule. How badly do you want to succeed, how much time would you like to dedicate to reach your goal?

I do not know what I want

Many tend to see success in others and follow blindly hoping to achieve the same success. When things don't turn out well, they suddenly feel lost and realised it is not what they want. The goal they are working towards are not of their own, it is someone else's goal. Identify your own goal so you will have the passion to work towards it.

Lady Luck not on my Side

Certainly with lady luck by your side, things would be easier. However luck might not be a good thing because without the trial and error you would not know how you succeed in the task. Without learning about how it works, it would not be easy to duplicate the success.


It is very convenient to put the blame on others and come out with excuses when things don't turn out well. But why would you put your future in others hands? You can look for people to help you, but they are not going to solve the problem for you. Off with the excuses, it is time to take ownership of your own problems. Be familiar about internet marketing by attending courses, researching from the net, library etc. If you do not have the time to learn and try, seek assistance from professionals. This way, you would be able to see results faster.

It is alright to fail, what is more important is to pick ourselves up from failure and continue to work on until we succeed. With the right attitude and mindset, anything can be done. 

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