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How to be an Internet Entrepreneur

What is an Internet Entrepreneur?

An Internet Entrepreneur is someone who manages an Internet based business enterprise and makes money through risk and/or initiative. Example of internet entrepreneurs are Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Ewen Chia – Autopilot Marketing, Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia and Etienne Uzac – International Business Times. The gurus mentioned above have achieved success in their own field, enjoying the millionaire lifestyle.

What does it take to be an internet entrepreneur?internet enterprenuer

Ask yourself this, how hard are you willing to work, how strong is your faith on this start up? Like every other business, the entrepreneur got to possess a winning attitude, strong-willed and fearless spirit to bring this new venture into the market to compete against the big boys. It takes someone with guts to compete against the big boys, who have more resources, experience and presence. The spirit of entrepreneur, overcomes all odds. They were not the best in their league, that did not deter them,  their never give up attitude pushed them on. By constantly learning, improving and tweaking their business to perfection, staying competitive and finally making it.

How can I be successful internet entrepreneur?

It is not simply about knowing how to use the computer or digital devices. Being an expert in coding or computer genius will not make you a successful internet entrepreneur, it will just make you a good employee for your boss.  So what can you do?

One way is to research online and learn from the available tutorials online. However, with the vast of information online, the credibility and source of information is unknown. A gentle note to be cautious as you do not want to be learning the wrong skills from the wrong person. Internet Entrepreneurs spent years or decade studying, researching and experimenting different ways to improve their business. They failed many times before they reached where they are now.

If you do not want to waste precious time taking the wrong route, another way is to get a successful internet entrepreneur mentor with good track records to teach you. The reality is why should they teach you? Why should they impart their skills and knowledge to you? There are some internet entrepreneurs who are willing to share their secret, of course with a price tag to the courses or training. As a business person, time is money. If they do not charge for the trainings, they would rather be spending time working on their own business.

Select the trainers who have been in the scene for a substantial amount of years as they would have the experience and knowledge. You will also see some fly by night trainers who are not concern of your progress after you attended their trainings. It is important to find a trainer with support team, you will need their help when you faced with difficulty.

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